The more you empower others, the more you accomplish yourself. Creating a shared value is the key to success.

As we pass this philosophy down from generation to generation, we have been growing for over half a century. Since 1956, we have been accelerating our business by delivering the right product at the right time. Our impeccable quality standards give our business partners confidence. With our innovative perspective and expertise, we bring a visionary approach to the industry. Through our wide distribution network and high storage capacity, we bring momentum to the trade. By shaping steel according to diverse requirements, we strengthen the industry in Turkey. We achieve all this with the inspiration that steel gives us.

We stand on a foundation as solid as steel.

The diligence and sincerity of a craftsman are deeply rooted in our past, while our organization offers the efficiency and reliability of a professional team. We continue to improve with the help of technology as we maintain our people-oriented approach. Having worked with steel for three generations, we seek to inspire our community and assist them in achieving their goals. As one of the leading steel service centers in Turkey, we help the industry to increase productivity and innovation. We work with the most efficient raw materials to enable our customers to produce reliable products and cutting-edge technologies.

For us, trust is steel alike, both strong and consistent.

We serve as a link between manufacturers and suppliers. This strong bond leads to strong connections and long-term collaboration, which we carefully foster throughout every stage of production process. Even today, as in the past, we consider our customers to be business partners since we provide solutions that are suited to their specific demands and we carry our joint success into the future. We, along with our team of specialists, proudly accept responsibility for the trust placed in us. As a result, we are one of the most preferred brands in Turkey and around the world, complementing the efforts of manufacturers across a wide range of industries.

We are as efficient as steel when it comes to sustainability.

Steel can be recycled indefinitely, leaving nothing to waste. As a leading steel service center processing tons of carbon-based iron and steel products, we try to minimise our environmental impact in nature through our recycling and energy conservation policies. We provide one of the essential components of numerous ecologically friendly technologies, ranging from wind turbines to electric motors. Thus, by providing a long-term sustainable purpose, we pass on the experience and information we’ve accumulated over the years to new generations through educational sponsorships, helping to raise standards in this dynamic sector.

Our corporate culture is as comprehensive as steel.

Steel gains its strength from the combination of different elements. It gives us the means to improve and renew our modern lives. At SOMAL, we bring together many different identities, skills and opinions in a melting pot, where performance and harmony are paramount. We welcome feedback from our business partners and employees at all levels, and provide appropriate working conditions to increase everyone’s satisfaction with SOMAL.
Our goal is to enrich lives and leave lasting values for the future. As an institution identified with steel, we will continue to support the industry with uncompromising quality and reliability.