At SOMAL, we are fully committed to providing professional services that require contemporary production systems with advanced technology, highly-qualified know how and workforce while keeping in mind that the quality is the crucial element in a competitive global setting. Our Quality Policy summarizes the essential parts of the sustainability of our leading, comprehensive and prominent position in the iron and steel industry and includes;

  • To perceive the demands and expectations of our customers precisely and to provide high quality and fast service,
  • To produce and present our customers’ requests by following local and global standards and reliable, sustainable and on schedule principles,
  • To maintain customer satisfaction by providing all kinds of technical support before and after sales service,
  • To meet the requirements of our quality management system entirely in line with these policies and to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system continuously in a way to adjust quickly to fast-changing market conditions and customer needs,
  • To support our employees with expert-level training programs for professional and social development; and to support their motivation at the highest level by prioritizing occupational health and safety,
  • To become environmentally responsible for natural resources while performing our process, 
  • To ensure that the achievements within the framework of our quality policy are sustainable and progressive by also aiming that our employees prioritize the improvement of brand awareness as a fundamental aim.


As Senior Management, we are fully committed that we will monitor and report the effectiveness of an ever-improving quality management system on an accountable level and adopt a risk-based process approach as our corporate culture.

In every level of our corporation, following our mission to set an example, we ensure; 

  • That we will achieve the compliance between the scope and strategy of the quality management system and the objectives of our quality policy together with our employees and partners,
  • That we will integrate our processes with specific management systems,
  • That we will support all of our employees to develop their leadership skills in their departments by satisfying the training requirements for the objectives and targets of the Quality Management System,
  • That we will establish quality awareness in the work routines of our employees.