Our company Somal Steel started its operations in steel industry by its founder Nurullah Somal in 1956. After a successful performance and a long-run experience, it is restructured as a company in 1992 and since then has been providing ever improving service quality and product range to its expanding customer base.

With respect to the market demands and industry necessities such considering size, quality and service, Somal Steel extended its product portfolio, thus has achieved and maintained wide product range and stability, and has gained an outstanding position with a main principle of sustainability in the sector.

Devamını Oku

Under today’s rapidly changing circumstances, our company’s aim is to be among the best service provider centers. In this route, Somal Steel has been continuously upgrading its structure and begun the 2000s with rising statistics.

By year 2017, we are saying goodbye to our Dudullu Plant, where we started our operations as Steel Service Center, and welcoming our new service center in Gebze with 50 staff, 4 slitting and 2 length cutting lines. Having 7.000 m2 production and 2.000 m2 office area, our new center has relaxed our working environment, increased our productivity and service quality so that we can continue to work to provide the fastest and highest quality service.

Coming forward in our sector by business discipline and good customer relationships, as a company we are at the thought that customer satisfaction is an irrevocable condition not only in finished goods markets, but also in raw material markets. Therefore, we are building our relationships with customers considering a partner-wise collaboration. Somal Sac, being much more than an ordinary service provider, our company has always been in willingness to provide the best and the fastest service to its customers and partners.

Have been developing our business together with our customers so far, we will stick to our principles and continue to provide the best service with the best relationships in years to come.


Coil Slitting & Cut-to-Length Services

Being the market leader of Cold Rolled Grain Non-Oriented Electrical Steel in Turkey, our company also provides Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Electrical Steel, Hot Rolled Alloy Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized Steel and Cold Rolled Steel with a range of thickness from 0,20 mm up to 10,00 mm.

With our advanced technology machine park, high stock capacity and broad logistics network, we offer sensitive coil slitting and cut-to-length products needed in manufacturing industries especially in electric motors, pumps and additional industries such as automotive and kitchenware components, metal furniture fittings and accessories, PVC window and door reinforcement profiles, decorative profiles, metal tubes and profiles, packaging bands, perforated sheet and connecting metal fittings


Gebze Güzeller Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Farabi Caddesi No:4 41400 Gebze/Kocaeli TR
T +90 262 751 49 19 F +90 262 751 49 17




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We kindly announce that we do not have any commercial dealers outside of Turkey, and we do not have an online activity area other than our website. We carefully advise you not to give credit to companies operating abroad with our name.