Environmental Policy of somal

SOMAL, a company with high ethical standards, is committed to environmental responsibility by minimizing potential harm throughout our business processes.

In line with this goal:

  • Steel’s infinite recyclability is a key advantage we promote, alongside the continuous improvement and sustainability of our ISO 14001 environmental management system.
  • We encourage the use of zero-waste materials and strictly comply with national and international environmental regulations, contributing to nature’s preservation.
  • We actively assess the environmental impact of our operations, implementing strategies to minimize potential harm and prevent pollution.
  • We introduce and implement environmentally friendly technologies like renewable energy, based on thorough technical and economic assessments.
  • Fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, we empower all employees through training and awareness programs to integrate these practices into their daily work.
  • We fulfill our social responsibility by partnering with educational institutions and sponsoring initiatives that prepare younger generations to become environmental stewards.
  • Through these investments, we aim to raise industry and societal standards for environmental awareness.
  • Leading by example, our Steel Service Center is steadfast in its commitment to reducing our environmental impact. These commitments focus on minimizing our carbon footprint.